Our Tariff

Base Tariff in Delhi & NCR (Please call for Agra city tariff)

Up To-- 4 Hours   350 INR.
Up To-- 8 Hours   599 INR.
Up To-- 12 Hours   850 INR.

Other Charges

Conveyance charges.   50 INR/Booking (Extra charges).
Charges for every additional hour.   Additional 75 INR/hour
Night Charges   75 INR / hour (10:00pm to 06:00am) Extra
Cancellation Charges (in case
driver reports at reporting
address and is sent back)
  100 INR

Please Not:-Charges may very in case of holiday

If pick up point is different than drop point for driver(upto 5 KMS)   100 INR

Outstation Charges - Charges will
be 200 INR extra for Same Day visit

Charges per day   1100 INR per day + Boarding / lodging + Food charges extra

Your Car Dropping to all over
India Minimum Rate &
Minimum Time

0 to 250 KM - 8 Hours   1499 INR
250 to 500 KM - 12 Hours Same Day   1999 INR
500 to 1000 KM - 24 Hours   3999 INR
1000 to 1500 KM - 48 Hours   5999 INR
1500 and Upper KM Limit   7999 INR
Terms & Conditions Apply & return fare for bus train allowance extra  
Monthly Basis Driver on contract= Rs..17,500/PM, Work for 10 Hours Every days.(Included all service charges)  

Temporary Driver :-

  • Our top most priority is to give best service to our client.Depending on the client convenience,they are free to hire temporary drivers on daily basis our hourly basis.

Permanent driver service :-

A'permanent driver' is your own personal driver who is liable to report you regularly at your set reporting time for witch he will draw a monthly salary,we cater three service that lies under permanent service

What you will get,
  • We recruit driver on your requirement.

  • Verification of the driver would be done our side(reference check both previous employer and social circle & document check).

  • We timely organize our in house training program to train our drivers; you can always send your driver to attend the refresher training as it is free of cost.

  • If you are unsatisfied with the present driver,we can replace the driver without changing any free.

  • In the absence of your driver you can avail a temporary driver at discounted rates.